Meghan Moves One Step Closer to Her Goal

When Meghan joined the Working Together Program, she was a high school student looking for opportunities to work with youth.  As someone diagnosed with ADHD (new window) who went through her own struggles with anxiety and depression, Meghan had a real desire to use her experiences to help other young people going through similar situations.

Meghan, Working Together participant

Meghan did not say much at her first meeting with the Career Facilitator, but left a lasting impression with her Toronto Maple Leafs (new window) jersey that she wore to show support for the victims of the Humboldt Broncos (new window) bus crash. Over time, Meghan began to reveal parts of herself. Her love for her two dogs, her passion for sports, and her affinity for the show Prison Break all came to light as she worked closely with the Career Facilitator to improve her job readiness.

A real highlight of Meghan’s participation in the Working Together Program was when she took part in the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. Meghan truly perked up when she realized her results affirmed that she was on the right path in her educational and employment pursuits. Moreover, these assessments gave her greater self-awareness and the language to articulate the things she already knew about herself but were buried deep down inside.

While participating in the program, Meghan had a number of other achievements of her own. She graduated high school, was presented with a Turnaround Achievement Award, and was accepted into university where she will study psychology in hopes of eventually working with youth in the criminal justice system.

The Working Together Program, in collaboration with Kennebecasis Valley Oasis Youth Centre (new window), helped provide Meghan with a stepping stone to achieve her goals. Prior to her participation in this program, Meghan had, in her words, “never really had a real job.” With the help of Working Together, Meghan was able to secure employment as an Office Assistant with the Centre, moving her one step closer to realizing her long-term employment goals.

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The Working Together with Employers and Enhancing Employability
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