Michelle and Patricia Demonstrate Their Skills at New to You Store

February 20, 2019

Michelle and Patricia are hardworking individuals in Truro, Nova Scotia. They had the motivation to work and were developing their skills for employment. What they needed was an opportunity and place to showcase these skills.

The Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program teamed up with Colchester Community Workshops (new window)‘ New to You store. The Working Together program helps people with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their employment goals.

Patricia and Michelle outside the New to You storeThe New to You (new window) retail outlet is a social enterprise (new window), selling recycled clothing and ‘yard-sale’ items which are donated by the community. Here Patricia and Michelle are able to demonstrate their skills and put their great work ethic on display.

Michelle had an accident in 1994 that caused a brain injury and some limited functioning on her left side, but it does not slow her down one bit. She excels in customer service and processing orders at cash. Michelle’s favorite part of her job is “working with the customers and answering their questions – makes me feel really good.”

Patricia is an expert at keeping the store clean and organized; in fact, it is her favorite part of the job. She has a developmental disability and thrives in the environment the New to You store provides. She is constantly on the go, making sure the store looks its best and helping customers find what they need.

“Michelle and Patricia are great workers. They just needed an opportunity,” says Colchester Community Workshops staff member Emma. “They get to work right away and need very little direction or to be checked on. I almost forget they are here because I just know that they are doing their job and doing it well. They are very happy here and I think it shows in their work.”

The New to You store is just a part of Colchester Community Workshops, a community-based organization with a wide variety of programs to help enhance their clients’ lives through vocational skills development and personal growth. By collaborating, Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program and Colchester Community Workshops are able to provide valuable outcomes for individuals and their community.

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The Working Together with Employers and Enhancing Employability
program is funded by the Government of Canada’s
Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities