Assistive Technology

Close-up of person's hands using a smartphone, with a conversation transcript on the screen

RogerVoice: Phone Call Captioning in Real Time

December 10, 2020

RogerVoice uses real-time transcription technology to caption phone calls as they’re happening. All that’s required is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Close-up of person's hands using a smartphone

How to: Set up and Use Voice Access for Android

December 3, 2020

Voice Access allows users to fully control their device using only their voice. This feature is especially helpful for users who may struggle with gestures and other physical interactions.

student using headphones and looking at laptop, taking notes in notebook

ClassDojo Virtual Classroom

November 26, 2020

ClassDojo is a free virtual classroom app designed for K-12 parents, teachers, and students. The app provides a virtual platform for teachers to assign activities, games, discussions, and more.

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