The Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard

February 27, 2020

Close up of person's hand holding a tablet

In previous posts, we’ve discussed a variety of solutions for challenges related to writing. In the classroom, writing and reading challenges tend to be the most common, and about 80% of individuals with learning disabilities struggle with dyslexia, hence why this subject is so often explored here. Today, we’re going to look at an option that seeks to uniquely alleviate some of those challenges.

The Dyslexia Keyboard app by Ghotit is an integrated writing and reading app that replaces the users built-in (software) keyboard with a specialized “smart keyboard” designed for users who struggle with writing. What makes this approach unique is that users do not need to use a separate app when writing, instead, Ghotit’s Dyslexia Keyboard works in conjunction with any app that might already be used, such as Safari, Word, Notes, etc. Once the new keyboard is set up, users can type as they normally would, all while enjoying the added benefits of Ghotit’s Dyslexia Keyboard(new window).

The Main Features:

  • Proofreading
  • Advanced grammar and punctuation checker
  • Supports dictation
  • Talking word prediction with grammar and phonetics awareness
  • Context-sensitive spell checker
  • Integrated dictionaries
  • Reading assistance with highlighting

After downloading the app from the iTunes iOS App Store, follow the steps below to install the new keyboard:

  • Open the Settings and go down to General. Tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap “Keyboard”.
  • In menu “Keyboard”, tap the top entry “Keyboards”.
  • Tap “Add New Keyboard”.
  • Select “Dyslexia Keyboard”.
  • Tap “Dyslexia Keyboard – Dyslexia Keyboard Ghotit”
  • In “Allow Full Access”, move the switch to the right to Allow.
  • In the alert appearing confirm “Allow”. Optionally, read the Privacy Policy.
  • Open up some editor or text area to write some text.
  • Long tap the Globe icon on the Apple’s keyboard for the menu of keyboards to appear, and then select from the menu Dyslexia Keyboard. Alternatively, tap the Globe icon on your software keyboard until Dyslexia Keyboard appears.
  • If you do not hear text-to-speech voice when reading aloud or tapping predicted words, please check that Full Access in “Allow Full Access” is enabled as described above and voice of your iPad/iPhone has not been muted in Settings or by a Side-Switch of the device.

Please note that internet connection is required for spelling and grammar correction. Ghotit’s Dyslexia Keyboard currently supports Australian, Canadian, US, and UK English, and is compatible with iOS 10 and up.