Anna Excels at Her First Summer Job

Anna is a Grade 11 student who is extremely involved in her community. She is exuberant, sweet, delightful, and determined. She has been in a dance troupe for 12 years, plays basketball, and is a member of Girl Guides (new window). She is polite, friendly, and personable. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome (new window).

Anna, Working Together participantAnna approached the Neil Squire Society because she wanted to work and had no prior experience. It was important to find an employer who understood her needs and would work with them.

Anna joined the Working Together program at the Neil Squire Society’s Atlantic Regional Office. The program helps people with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their employment goals.

Anna tires easily and needs to take periodic breaks to rejuvenate. She has difficulty staying focused when she is struggling with a task. However, if she receives support and is shown how to do things, she does well and works hard.

That is where the KV Oasis Youth Centre (new window) came in. The Centre invites youth aged 12-25 in the River Valley area and provides them resources to learn new skills, engage with peers, express themselves creatively, and access medical attention if they are in need.

The Centre knew Anna and needed additional staff for their summer programs. She joined as a summer student, attending and participating in activities at the Centre. It turned out to be the perfect fit for her.

After Anna completed her placement, the Centre made the decision to keep her on during the school year. Anna works every Friday night and is quite proud of her independence.

Sam, Anna’s supervisor, says she is “happy, punctual, positive, funny, creative and she is always respectful”. Anna is the kind of employee any employer would want.

When her mother drops her off, Anna waves her away as if to say, “I got this, Mom.”  She is a shining star and proves that people can do anything they set their mind to.

Great job, Anna!

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The Working Together with Employers and Enhancing Employability
program is funded by the Government of Canada’s
Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities