New Brunswick Digital Support for Active Job Seekers and Students

Digital Literacy Support for Job Seekers and Students in New Brunswick

Introducing the New Brunswick Digital Support for Active Job Seekers and Students. This program consists of two services:

Digital Functioning

This will serve both job seekers and students with assessments, training, tutoring, and preparation in using digital tools in their employment search and education.

Digital Content

This will support students and their post-secondary institutions in converting necessary content to alternative, accessible formats.

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These services will be available to all persons with a disability, as well as individuals who are supporting them while they are seeking employment or studying, and these services can be delivered face-to-face when needed.

Five Digital Content conversion stations will be made available across the province. One station will be in Fredericton (new window), one in Moncton (new window), one in Saint John (new window), one in Bathurst (new window), and one in Edmundston (new window). Three additional mobile digital content stations will also be purchased and made available to ensure students with disabilities across the province have access and support in receiving digital alternative formats.

This program will allow us to provide temporary loan of equipment to job seekers. This will mark the first time that New Brunswickers will have access to technology while searching for employment.

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Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Agreements.

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