Kathleen Finds a Supportive Employer

November 4, 2020

Welcome to Crossroads Country Market (opens in a new window). You can come in and find homemade baked goods and your convenience needs. And if you like, find a seat in their small dining area and order something to eat.

You will also find Kathleen!

Kathleen is an active member of her community, a volunteer firefighter who enjoys spending time with her friends and family. There was only one thing missing: she was looking for a job.

When Kathleen joined Neil Squire’s Working Together program, she did not have a career preference. She had some experience in retail, landscaping, and customer service. She just wanted a job where she could stay busy and have a supportive work environment.

Kathleen outside Crossroads Country Market


As a baby, Kathleen had Meningococcal B (opens in a new window), an infection of the lining that covers the brain and septicemia (opens in a new window), a blood infection. “It affects my daily life with my speech, how I process what people are saying to me. It takes me a little bit longer for me to understand what a person is saying to me and sometimes I ask the person to reword what they are saying.”

When a cleaner position became available at Crossroads Country Market, Kathleen got the job. She has quickly been offered additional tasks and is covering the cash register on staff breaks.

“Since starting the program, I am working 50 hours every two weeks,” beams Kathleen. “I still get to hang out with my friends and family after work and do all of my regular duties, like getting food in the house, paying bills, caring for my dog and cat.”

Crossroads has a wide variety of daily tasks, and Kathleen is a flexible employee who likes to keep busy. So this position was a good match for both.

“Kathleen is a very hard worker and a delight to work with,” says Aggie Barbosa, General Manager, Crossroads Country Market. “She comes to work smiling and leaves smiling. It is our pleasure to have her. No job is too challenging for her. She dives right in and is so helpful to all our staff.”

A supportive employer can make all the difference in the workplace. This is exactly what Kathleen was seeking!