Lori Helps the Northern BC Tourism Association Increase Accessibility in Her New Role

March 26, 2021

When Lori came to Neil Squire’s Working Together program, one of her goals was to get off long-term disability and do meaningful work.

“I have spina bifida with paraparesis. I also have chronic neuropathic pain that requires me to take more pain medication that makes me feel drowsy and have to lay down. It makes me less productive on some days,” she shares.

Through a partnership with  Spinal Cord Injury BC (new window), Working Together found the perfect fit for Lori — as an Access and Inclusion Specialist for the Northern BC Tourism Association (new window) (NBCTA).

Lori working at her desk, seated in her wheelchair, looking at the camera and smilingLori’s job involves contacting tourism operators across the northern part of the province, as well as working with accommodations providers to work on promotions involving universal access.

“I have been making phone calls to Campground and RV Parks across Northern BC to do access and inclusion consultation. Finding out what is available for accessible campgrounds or RV parks,” she explains of her new job. “I have also been phoning hotels and motels to do the same thing. I am also offering full accessibility audits. There have been many businesses wanting this, especially some campgrounds and RV parks.”

With a job that she loves, Lori is achieving the goals she set for herself.

“I have really enjoyed working for the Northern BC Tourism Association,” she says. “Since the Working Together program, I have had a huge boost in my self-esteem and self-confidence. Being able to use my skills and knowledge of access and inclusion is a boost as well. Being able to contribute and be part of a team has also been great for my self-worth, especially in a business or job related environment.”

And her employer is just as happy with her.

“Hiring was seamless and managed professionally,” explains CEO Clint Fraser. “[Lori] has been extremely dedicated to the work, knowledgeable and eager to learn about the tourism industry activities and unique needs of tourism operators.”

The Working Together wage subsidy helped give the NBCTA the resources to pursue this valuable work towards access and inclusion.

“We would definitely recommend the Working Together program,” notes Clint Fraser.

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